My Pocket Aces In The 2010 Main Event

Today I will expound on one of the more popular hands in poker. We will glance back at my renowned hand 12 years after the fact and see what choices I might have changed. I will examine my manner of thinking in the A/J hand versus Jon Duhamel during the 2010 WSOP Headliner. Going through the hand, I will give my points of view on the hand from the my ongoing day focal point.

Returning to the past
To set the stage, there were fifteen players left in the competition. I had about 20 million chips to begin the hand and Duhamel covered with around 30 million. We were first and second in quite a while as of now, ICM would express that we ought to likely be trying not to play enormous pots right now in the competition with three players from the following compensation hop. I was adequately lucky to have direct situation on Duhamel at the table.

The Preflop Activity
As of now the large visually impaired is 250k. Duhamel is in the end and raises to 575k, and I make a standard three-bet to 1.55 million on the button with A. Business as usual yet, despite the fact that I ought to evaluate my three-bet to around 1.8 or 2 million chips thinking back. Duhamel answers by four-wagering to around 4 million chips, making the first and most intriguing choice with regards to the hand.

Duhamel isn’t boosted to be four-wagering here all the time. His four-wagering reach ought to be just A/K and spellbound with the right recurrence of feigns. In the event that he is four-wagering, I truly figure he ought to be four-wagered collapsing A-K given the stacks in the competition at the time thinking about ICM. At that point, I figured Duhamel could stack off with AA/KK yet would north of four-bet feign. Duhamel would be really unequal here and be feigning time after time since he ought to have little worth. This drove me to my choice to simply level the four-bet, I needed to allow him an opportunity to hang himself post-flop.

Thinking back today, I actually think it is close among flatting and five-bet pushing the A. I figure I would in any case level given that I figure Duhamel can stack off with An and perhaps K here preflop given the ICM model. Then again, pushing preflop has a couple added benefits. To start with, I can win a huge pot now, and deny value to Duhamel. Second, I permit him to commit a major error and cancel. I would be more boosted to push with hands like K and A-K to create creases and take the pot now. These hands need more security than A does.

One of the fundamental advantages of calling preflop is the manner by which simple the hand would play post flop. Subsequent to calling the 4 million, stacks would be 16 million with a 8.5 million chip pot. In the event that Duhamel wagers say 3-4 million or any sensible sum on the lemon, I can basically push all-in, denying value while acquiring a couple million additional chips from his continuation bet post flop. In those days, I don’t think populace was slow playing A preflop however much they do now. My hand would be extremely masked and I would in any case stack serious areas of strength for numerous.

Playing The Lemon
Subsequent to calling preflop, the failure comes T-9-7. This board might appear to be extremely alarming, however assuming that you separate is by ranges, it isn’t really awful. Duhamel ought to never have T-T,9-9, or 7-7 preflop. The main potential hands that could beat me currently are an intermittent T-9 fit, 9-7 fit, J-8 fit or 8-6 fit that four-bet preflop. Thinking back now, the joined probability of any of those is likely under 1%. Duhamel shocks me with a check. With a SPR of 2-1, we have two or three bet measuring choices thinking back. I figure we can wager around 4-5 million chips setting up a simple stream push. I additionally think pushing for 2x pot is feasible with parts of our reach. Hands like J and Q presumably benefit from pushing 2x pot to deny value from Hatchet hands and overs. With An explicitly, I don’t have a lot of security issues, so I think my measuring of 5 million is strong.

Imploring He Doesn’t Have Sovereigns
When Duhamel called and the turn came a sovereign, my poker mind presumably wasn’t at the best to ponder ranges. At the time I was presumably zeroing in on only my particular hand, A, and I had a simple choice. I recall my careful point of view on the turn before I pushed all-in. “Kindly don’t snap call”. That was the finish of the perspective. With just about 20 million in the pot and 11 million behind, my choice was at that point made in the hand. I just needed to ask that he didn’t have Q. In the wake of pushing and not hearing him summon right, I realized I was brilliant.

Duhamel presumably failed for a strong 6-7 minutes. I wouldn’t have the option to let you know how long, I was simply gazing at the board attempting to control my relaxing. Sooner or later, I was thinking he had K. It took me some time to acknowledge exactly the number of outs he that had when he turned over J. As far as Chip-EV, I think it is a reasonable call with J. As far as ICM, it is likely a terrible call. Without running the ICM numbers, I’m genuinely sure I believe that he should overlap his hand. The additional 11 million chips does not merit the 20% possibility busting the competition.






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