Betsoft Returns to the Planet Venus

Have you got the guts to go back to Venus?

It Came From Venus is the name of a slot machine that was developed by Betsoft Gaming in May of 2012 and tells the story of a farmer who discovers a Venus Flytrap plant on his land after it arrived there from Venus. This game’s makers have decided to continue the story in a brand new slot machine that will be called Back to Venus because it became very famous because to its excellent animation content that was created in a cinematic way.

To Venus, Once More… With a Rocket

In the movie “Back to Venus,” the farmer is making preparations to launch a rocket ship in order to transport the alien flytrap back to its home planet. The game contains five reels, three rows, and twenty pay lines, and it looks really stunning. Every component of the game has been recreated to a very high degree, so the overall experience is very satisfying to look at. The action takes place on a portion of the farmer’s land, namely on the patch of land to the right of the fifth reel, where a crude rocket is being assembled in preparation for the next mission. The alien plant may be found to the left of the first reel. It waits patiently with its mouth open while it sways back and forth.

The playing card ranks of J, Q, K, and A serve as the lower-value symbols on the reels. The crop circle, a collection of unusual plants, and a plant-infested chicken coop serve as the medium-value symbols. The symbols that pay out the most frequently include a flying saucer, an extraterrestrial Flytrap, and a farmer who is dressed in what looks like a homemade astronaut’s helmet.

We have already commented on how outstanding the game’s visuals are, but the audio is also extremely good. It features an upbeat, cinematic score that alters its mood and pace in response to the events that are going on in the game. The experience is elevated to a higher level of realism by the inclusion of incidental sound effects, which are done in a fantastic science fiction style.

Wilds of Stuck-On Asteroids

Wild symbols in the form of asteroids come hurtling down from space onto the reels, looking like burning meteors as they do so. When they initially arrive, these asteroid Wilds will appear to be chunks of gray rock that are held together by plant roots. They will remain sticky for the next two spins. When the Wild has lost its stickiness, all that will be left is the gray rock, as one-half of those roots will have vanished after the first sticky spin, and the other half will have vanished after the second.

Flourishing Wild Boost Flowering

Any spin that ends without a win has the potential to activate the Flowering Wild Boost feature. When this occurs, the reels may light up to indicate that there is now a greater probability of getting asteroid Wild symbols on the reels.

Prickly Stick and Respin both come to mind.

In addition, the Prickly Stick and Respin features can be used on any spin that does not result in a winning combination. In the event that this transpires, an arbitrary symbol will be chosen to fix on the reels, and all occurrences of that symbol will then be retained while a free respin is performed in the background.

A Game That Was Definitely Worth the Wait

Although around eight years have passed since the initial publication of It Came From Venus, the wait has been well worth it as this sequel is quite excellent and was well worth the anticipation. Back to Venus is waiting for you at your preferred establishment that provides Betsoft Gaming titles. Visit it immediately!






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